Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Magic Touch - Start to Finish

May Flaum has issued us a class challenge. Do a layout with buttons. I think buttons are SO cute on layouts - I really do love the look. However, I can never get them to look right on my layouts. So, this is definitely a challenge for me!

Armed with the provided sketch from May, some photos, and the new Simple Stories collection, time to jump in with both feet!

Background paper chosen, photos placed:
No, wait. I like this placement better:
Off to the button drawer. When I first started scrapping, I asked my mother if she had some extra buttons I could have. Well, she didn't hold back! She gave me all sorts of cool buttons, most of which were my grandmother's or great grandmother's. Real treasures. I am excited to get some of these on a page!
There, we have a nice neutral assortment:
Hmmmm, I am thinking that paper needs a bit of brightness. Time to spread around some acrylic paint:
All spread out:
A bit of doodling in the wet paint with a stylus... Why? Why not?
Now, to stamp on some texture:
Let's Layer:
And splatter:
And tape:
Oh, I love tape:
And stitch:
Button time! SO out of my comfort zone....  I think I like that....???
Title time!
I love how the white letters pop off the photo:
But, now that I have those great white letters and that nice white background, the buttons look "dull." Too vintagey perhaps? Let's smoosh some embossing ink on there. This could be fun...
White embossing powder applied:
And heated... I kinda like that...
Sticker time!
Some twine for more texture:
I have a hard time completing a layout without twine these days!
Oh, I have made such a mess - there is embossing powder everywhere! HAHA
And with that, I call it done:

I really had fun working out of my comfort zone. I love the "stretch." However, I am not so sure I am any more comfortable with buttons! I am not sure what it is. Maybe they are too "vintage" or something for my style. Maybe it's that I love the look of them sewn on the page, but don't have the patience to do that? I just can't put my finger on it! 

How do you feel about buttons? What's a supply that you love to see on others' layouts but can't seem to make work on your own? Can't wait to here from you!


  1. Ok, your layout turned out BEAUTIFUL but I can
    I just tell you.....I love how you write your posts! I feel like I'm your head listening, hehehe.....

  2. Love how you used the buttons! Funny, I have yet to invest in washi tape because I don't even know where to start, but I feel much more comfortable using buttons. To each his own, I guess! Sweet photos on your layout.

  3. Your layout is adorable.
    I love these photos so sweet.

  4. Great layout! I love how you built that background! Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Replies
    1. thank you so much! I love having you here!

  6. Ah!
    I'd give anything for your talent. This is beautiful!!! I really love what you did with the buttons.

  7. YOU have the magic touch. I try to use buttons, but it always turns out like this - "Oh look. She added a button right there. That's random."

    Your button cluster is amazing!

  8. I would have never thought to treat the buttons like that but now I am for sure going to try it! Love the layout and appreciate watching your process. I just pinned your layout too!

  9. You did an amazing job with the buttons, not only by layering them, but by adding your own touch! I love using buttons to fill in "empty" spaces and yes, I sometimes sew them on. :)

  10. Very nice layout! I love buttons, but I usually use small clusters or a few here and there rather than a whole bunch like you did! That is kind of neat!

  11. Congrats on stepping out of your comfort zone - I know how tough that can be. Layout looks great!!

  12. What a great layout! How wonderful that you stepped out of your comfort zone.

    Buttons are a bit of a challenge for me as well. I have tons of them, but I'm not great at anchoring them to the page. They end up appearing to float instead. I am hoping to improve. LOL.

  13. Sweet, sweet, sweet! And so creative!
    I love seeing your works in progress.

    I have used buttons quite a bit on layouts.
    My weakness is ribbon.

  14. Iwould have never thought to clump like that~it looks fabulous!! Wish I had your knowledge of inks, paints and the techniques that go with them.

  15. This is freaking amazing! You embossed on buttons? I like them but only has flower centerpieces. I'm too scared to use them for anything else. LOL

  16. I've never seen people embossing buttons before, way to go!

    You think buttons are too vintagy? I totally don't see that. I actually think your style is more vintagy than buttons haha. I think the buttons are this layout are all too white though, and maybe that's why you didn't like them. Next time try some color buttons and you'll probably like them better! You can also thread twine through and glue the button down to create a faux sewn look.

  17. Fabulous! I figured you would come up with a unique way to use the buttons. What a great stash you have! I need to just stack up a cluster of buttons like that. Love that idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

  18. Those photos are simple wonderful, you had to scrap them!

  19. Holy moly this is amazing! I love the embossing powder on top of the buttons. I would never have thought to do something like that and now I've seen you do it and it's amazing. Great way to also change the color of buttons if you don't have one the right color. :)

  20. I never thought of using my background stamps in paint before! Awesome idea and great job on the layout! TFS!

  21. This turned out terrific! Love your use of buttons. You nailed it!

  22. This turned out great! I love how you embossed the buttons and the fact that you laughed at the mess! Great job, and the photos, oh yeah, they're adorable! Love Penny

  23. Ok, this is the first time I have seen white heat embossed buttons. Very creative and genius! :)

    I love buttons... white buttons, colorful buttons, wood buttons. I love to tie them up with a little piece of twine and pop them up on pop dots or sew them on the page/card with embroidery floss.

  24. I love the page and I love seeing how you got there! So much detail - thanks for sharing your process :)

  25. GENIUS!!! GENIUS!!!! YEs I am SO TRYING that buttons technique!!! What a FANTASTIC way to use up my huuuuuge stash of UGLY buttons (which my 2 year old INSISTS on eating so I have to keep them hidden in the top shelf of the closet) and what' BETTER? The final page is amazing! you rooooock. that is all.

  26. sorry -too distracted by fabulous photos to actually READ your post, ya know? Yes I loves me some buttons!!! LOVE! But yes I also feel they take too much time to apply properly. But don't feel bad about the final outcome- they look FANTASTIC! I love the dimension and authenticity they lend to the final layout- this looks like something made with love and care- it's PERFECT for your theme! I'm so glad I stopped here today- so GLAAAAAD!


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