Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Another Kite Sewing Session - Start to Finish

I am married to one talented and interesting man! He can make and fix just about anything! He loves boats, building stuff, and extreme power kiting. I have mentioned these unique hobbies of his from time to time and I have been promising to fill you in on his occasional kite sewing sessions. So, here we go!

We have a large studio space. Complete with sewing machine. Do I use it to make fabulously cute clothes for my girls? Of course not! I sew on scrapbook pages. He makes kites. The most recent kite construction is for a class he will be teaching at our local homeschool co-op. Oh, how I love this guy! I just had to scrap this. Let's start out with this coordinations paper embossed with rulers:
After some sanding, it's time to do some misting:
A bit more. Oops, I am not thrilled with that big spot there. Oh well, that's what layering is for!
Time for another SMASH page to find it's way onto a LO (thanks Wilna and Shimelle).
Looks like little kite doodles. Fun!
Ah, yes - action shot of hubster at work:
Let's play with layers. I've grabbed some Echo Park Boy's Life and trimmed down the SMASH page:
Hmmmm....not feelin' it. That blue of the SMASH page just isn't right. And the coordinations paper is too grungy. Time to regroup...
SMASH gets flipped. Ruler paper gets sliced. New background is found. Better:
Back to some more layering:
Yes! Time to stitch and commit:
Now for some embellishments. I would like a "nod" to kites, but nothing too literal. How about some diamonds roughly cut from patterned paper?
Oh, yeppers....
But, they need a landing point. Out comes the paint:
A little swoop. I am liking the paint on the photo too - helps pull things together:
Let's stamp! A perfect subject matter to use this cute little sewing spool logo(that has actually never had the pleasure of meeting an ink pad!):
Ta Da!
OK, before I get the diamonds on there, I think I might need to do a bit of title work:
There we have it!
A bit of stitching:
I think some twine will look nice layered under the embellishments:
Ooooh, fun!
Journaling added:
Oh, goody! I found a use for those chipboard stars that didn't work on that other layout!
Let's add the finishing touches of mist and pen lines. And with that...Done!
It's so fun to have a hubby with creative hobbies. He IS so scrappable! Who is the most scrappable person in your life? Anyone with an unusual hobby? I would love to hear about it!


  1. Very cool layout!! And I like that shot of him using the sewing machine. Great angle :)

    Hope you don't mind but I linked one of your posts on my blog today. The one with your tip about using the ink pad and water to make "mist-like" droplets!

  2. So fantastic. I love seeing your step-by-step process of creating your LO

  3. Fun to watch your creative process! Also love finding new products that I now have to those chipboard letters and spool stamp!

  4. Love it! Such a fun hobby too. DH recently took up woodworking but I haven't taken any pics yet. Thanks for the idea!

  5. This is a great layout! My Hubbums is very scrappable! I haven't scrapped in a super long time, but I used to do pages about him all the time! He is so easy to photograph!

  6. I feel like such a dork that it's taken me *THIS* long to find your blog, you are always so sweet with your comments on mine! :)

    That said, I *LOVE* this layout! That ruler-embossed paper is too cute!!! Love how you've put this all together. Just lovely!

    I'm following you now, so ... I'll be seeing you often!

  7. Thanks for taking the time to make this start to finish series, I love it! Great LO too!

  8. Very cool page and love the way you broke it down!

  9. I love your page. Great style. I guess the only different hobby in our family would be my uncle's love of refurbishing vintage tractors. He is very good at it too.

  10. That picture is priceless! Great page. My husband is enjoying wood working right now, and I've got him busy building me all sorts of custom pieces for my scrap room - how's that for synergy?!

  11. Love the layers upon layers of paper and stitching. And the fact that he is sewing-is awesome!

  12. This is great! At first I thought he was making a kite out of paper!

  13. OH MY GOODNESS! I can't believe all those layers you added and how seamlessly they work together. I am envious of you! You are rocking it out of the world! :)

  14. love how you layer!!! expert for sure~ lovely page.

  15. Oh! All these layers are just to yummy!
    Love it.

  16. So pretty-loved seeing this come together!

  17. Very cool! LOL! I just finished a project using Core'dinations paper- the Pink Paislee one with the raised chevrons. This page is fabulous!!! I LOVE the layering and the twine details. I agree that the wicker print background paper blends in more and I LOVE how you used the ruler paper as strips! My machine is strictly for scrapping too- it drives my Mom bananas as she thinks it's being "wasted". whatever Mom! :)
    My most scrapable person is the lil one- she just makes things so easy by smiling all the time!

  18. Love how you show your layout through the stages. My most scrapable person would have to be my Grand daughter, she loves getting her photo taken . She is a dancer and at the grand age of 12 she told me it is her passion


  19. I can identify those lily bee font from 10 miles away. I have to consciously tell myself not to use them on every single layout. The smash page is such a cute idea!

  20. I love love love your layers! My nephew is the most scrap-able person in my life. He's just so cute! He's 2 1/2 so no hobbies other than running, jumping and playing on the swing :)

  21. WOWEE, amazing page! Love that your hubby gerts his "craft on" too! Fabulosity!!

  22. alas, I do not have anyone with interesting hobbies to scrap; my BF plays bass guitar, but doesn't like his picture taken. :( But I do love the way you show your entire layout from 'start to finish' so we can see your thought process!! thanks! (and after seeing Shimelle and you use the Smash pages like this, I think I need to get one with my next 40% off coupon- LOL!)

  23. Fabulous page and so many great layers to look at and enjoy. My husband doesn't have an hobbies unless you want to count playing video games with our son. :)

  24. Love all the colors and stamping! What a fun hobby!

    My kids are the most scrappable- esp the younger one cause the camera loves him :)

    My sister spins and weaves- I think that qualifies as a bit unusual :P

  25. Another stunning layout from you. I love all the layers and step by step pictures.
    Thank you again for sharing...

  26. wow, the layering is gorgeous. Love how you show your page behind the scenes process!


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