Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Inspired Start to Finish and Our Winner!

In my last post, I introduced you to my talented friend, Elizabeth. After offering up some inspiration, she kindly presented us with this amazing hat! Were you the winner? If you are j.leija, then you are! Congrats, j.leija. Please email soaphouse at purplemailbox dot com with your mailing address and I will get it to you asap! 

I enjoyed hearing everyone's favorite color combos too! I might have try out a few of them...Especially the grey, mint green and pale yellow that Danielle mentioned! Sounds gorgeous!

I also gave you a little sneak peak into the layout that was inspired by this gorgeous hat. Are you ready to see more? Let's get started! In addition to the gorgeous color, I was also inspired by the beautiful cable work. I am thinking it might be fun to do a little doodle....
ooooh, cable doodles...
Or, DNA - LOL! Hubster seems to think I have drawn our genetic coding:
Now, for some purple... I LOVE purple. Obviously, since you are reading this at the "Purple Mailbox!" However, as much as I am head-over-heels for all things purple, I find it very difficult to scrap with. I really don't know why. Perhaps it is somewhat dark, or if used on the light side things, it ends up looking a bit Eastery. But, at any rate...I WILL scrap with purple on this LO. I have found a die cut paper that was a freebie and the purple tone is just right. But, the green is not:
Let's cut:
Oh, these could be fun:
Now, to find the right shades of green. Wilna over at Two Peas started tearing out SMASH pages and using them on her layouts. Shimelle followed suit. So, time to give that a try! This page with the greens and purples will do nicely:
The soft watercolor effect of the SMASH page reminds me of the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan. Let's put that to work. Loving this jar:
Ah yes, this is shaping up nicely. I chose this photo for the grey and green tones that will compliment a splash of purple. Well, and because it's so cute, of course!
OK, I have gone into my stash and found a great polka dot print from MME Miss Caroline collection. It has all the green shades as well as a bit of purple. Hoorah! I have also found a Crate heart banner and some more bits of Dear Lizzy.
I haven't committed to any of this yet and I am glad. Why? Well, we need to pull in the purple in a more dynamic way, don't you think? Time for some splatters. I don't have purple mist, so let's see what this ink can do for us...
A paint brush and a bit of water...not too shabby:
I am almost ready to start adhering things, but first we need a bit of texture. A scrap of an old Ikea curtain with the fringe scissor treatment and a bit of that purple ink just might do the trick:
Now, I glue and sew. We are getting there!
Remember the purple strips? Time to tuck them around:
And some more layering with some border strips:
I would like a bit of the green to move across the page with the purple. Small bits get  glued down:
Title time!
Hmmmm, the cables need more texture. Let's put the Signo Pen to work. Oooooh, pretty!
This little jar is perfect for journaling:
I just got this new washi tape and I think it will be just right:
Oh, yes indeedy!
A couple of banner stickers and some twine:
More twine. I WAS inspired by knitting, after all!
I had so much fun pulling inspiration from this unexpected place! I love how it pushed me to try new things and work out of my comfort zone a bit. What is the most interesting thing that you have been inspired by? How did it push you? 


  1. This is such a gorgeous layout!

  2. I love the details of this layout! I love the layout in general and all the layers. Totally love the pops of different shades of purple and textures.

  3. Wow! I love purple too AND have a hard time scrapping with it. You did an amazing job on this.

  4. I love the way you started with a small idea and come up with this beautiful page!

  5. LOVE seeing your page evolve! (Purple...not easy to find! I went through years of papers looking for something that would do for a Mardi Gras layout. Guess I need to order Plumeria.)

  6. love coming here~project is amazing!

  7. LOL, genetic code haha! You are too funny.

    What a coincidence we both went for the "fringe" look (is that what it's called? I called it strips but knew it wasn't exactly right), and Dear Lizzy's puffy alphas. Good thing we posted on the same day or you'd think I got the idea from you heehee.

    Love this layout, and I really enjoy reading your posts!

  8. Wow, where do I start? I wish I wasn't afraid to doodle, you do such a great job at it. I like the idea of paint splattering using your brush, water and distress ink. I want to try that. I also like how you used your washi tape, another great idea. I could go on and on. Thanks for taking the time to take the pictures to walk us through your process.

  9. I remember a discussion once at about colors - purple and orange were the least scrapped with choices. I just did a quick sweep of my scrap disaster area and I don't see anything purple! Which is odd because I love it so.

    Gorgeous lo, and what a cute photo!

  10. I know I always say it but your step by step layouts are fab. Just love them.
    This is one GREAT layout!

  11. Just lovely!
    And I love how you used the distress ink in place of mist!! :)

  12. #1. Congrats to the winner- Awesome gift!

    #2. Uhhh-- WOW!! Il ove that layout! Love the step by step tutorial, you have so much detail in your page-- Beautiful!

  13. I wanted to first say thank you for your comment on my blog, about my layout! I really appreciate the feedback. Also, I wanted to tell you that I discovered your blog thru the Hitchhikers Workshop a week or so ago. I signed up for emails after reading a few of your posts! I adore your style and how you combine mixed media art techniques with scrapbooking! I also love to see your process! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much Kelly! I really enjoyed your blog! Isn't Hitchhiker's great?

  14. This is so precious! Love the details!!

  15. Another sweet layout. That photo is just so precious.

  16. Great layout, I love all the little details you added. Congrats to the winner!

  17. Wow, your step by step is amazing! I would never have the patience to do that! Great layout!

  18. It was fun to see how your page evolved using the starting inspiration piece. It never occurred to me to use distress ink that way! Thanks for the tip. :)

  19. Love seeing your process. LOVE the final result :)

  20. Great work! I LOVE the way the white pen looks over the darker colors. Great layering.

    Knits and Prints

  21. Really beautiful! Love all the little bits.

  22. Congrats to the winner! I love how you used the inspiration, super cool doodles. I feel like I say this every time, but I LOVE seeing your process! Great idea with the ink, water and paint brush.

  23. Oh I adore it... I love how you show your process... I always forget to grab the camera as I'm creating... will have to make a note and hopefully I won't loose it. LOL Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me today...

  24. Your layout is awesome!!! I love your scrapping style :D and enjoy reading your blog!

  25. Amazing that you came up with such a beautiful layout with a cute hat as your inspiration!!! Talent for sure my friend :)

  26. Love, love this! You rocked the colors and there is soooo much texture :)

  27. OH MY GOSH SO much inspiration!!! Thanks for sharing ALL of these wonderful tips and ideas!!


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