Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wish Bone - Start to Finish

This has been an exciting week in craft land - with the annual CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) show. I have so enjoyed watching videos and reading the blog coverage of all the great new products and ideas soon to come our way. 

Two Peas In a Bucket has had a wonderful event running to encourage the excitement for all of us crafters here at home. Various chats and challenges have been posted to participate in, along with their contribution to the blogging and video coverage.

One challenge was to use the trendy hexagon shape in a layout. I don't have a hexagon of any sort in my stash, so I decided to make my own. That is was I love about these challenges - I am forced to try something different/new and work-out my creative muscles. Let's see how this came together, shall we?

First, I cut a rough hexagon template from some spare cardboard:
 Then, I traced the template with pencil in a random pattern onto white watercolor paper:
Armed with a nice selection of Faber Castell products, I got to work on jazzing up those hexagons:
A little scribble of an Aquarelle pencil, followed by a wet brush makes a beautiful water color effect:
 I am liking the direction that is headed, let's go ahead and scribble in all the hexagons:
All nice and blended. Now...moving on....
Time to play with some of my new patterned paper from Echo Park's A Boy's Life collection:
 Let's put that template to work again:
 Adds a nice touch to the hexagon:
Five of the hexagons get patterned paper accents and then it's time to place the photo. I also decided to add some strips of the patterned paper to the bottom right and top left of the watercolor paper that has been mounted onto a Kraft background, off-center. Why off-center? Seemed more interesting and left a nice area on the left for journaling
Hmmmm, I am thinking I need a bit more brown and orange to tie in the colors of the photo. Speaking of the photo, that is my hubby with a wish bone - so proud of himself that he figured out how to carve a turkey (we had to watch a YouTube video to make that happen!)
Strips of paper have been added as well as the Washi Tape. But, now I am still thinking that photo needs something:
 Perhaps more Washi? Not sure. Time to sleep on it...
 OK, I am back for another go. Is that a bowl of chocolate chips? Of course not!
 Hmmm, still not sure about that Washi around the photo:
Let's go ahead and stitch the strips at the corners while pondering:
 OK, yep - washi has to go:
 Ahhh, better already. But, now the photo is sort of floating there, you think?
Perhaps adding some stitching around the photo will do the trick? 
I can always cover that back up if I don't like it.
Oh, but I do like it. Hoorah!
Now for some brown splatter. I scribble some Brown watercolor crayon onto my craft mat to make a spray:
 With the photo covered, I splatter away:
 Time to embellish!
 I look for mostly orange and green pieces to add:
After futzing with a few ideas, I make my choices. I am liking the continuity of the kraft along with the bold black lines on the doilies:

Now, onto the title. I can't take credit for this idea, I saw it in some tutorial once upon a time - perhaps Nichol Magouirk? The tip is to place your Thickers on a clear ruler and move it around the page until you find where to place them. Then, when you are ready to commit, just press the letters onto the page and bend the ruler out from under them. Viola! Cool, right?

 Except, I can't seem to choose a spot, so I grab the hubster. He votes for this: I agree. After adding the second part of the title, I stitch the letters on for some added texture and staying power:
Just a bit of journaling and hash marks ... I declare it complete!
If it weren't for this challenge at Two Peas, I would have never ended up with this Layout. I love that! What do you love most about a good creative challenge? I would love to hear from you!


  1. this is so cool! love your process on this

  2. Wow, this turned out super cool and I loved your commentary :)

  3. What a creative layout and I loved the step by step.

  4. I love how this turned out, and I love the washi on the corners! Thanks for sharing a step-by-step through your process!

  5. Wow, you are an incredible artist. I love that you shared the step by step. It's just wonderful!

  6. Thanks for sharing how you did. Great layout. Love all of it. Hoping someday to get my hands on some washi tape soon!

  7. Thank you everyone for such nice comments!!!

  8. WOW! This is so gorgeous and I absolutely loved watching your process!

  9. This is a super fun and cool layout! The process is so fun to see! You need to submit this for publication :)

    1. Wow, Amy - that is so nice! You made my day :)

  10. Your background paper is fantastic. Wish I could do that. Love the whole layout & your breakdown of the process...very cool! TFS

  11. Oh My gosh - so is so freakin great! I LOVE this tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing! I might have to 'borrow' an idea or two ;) I'll be sure and let you know. Hugs!

    1. Wow! Tina, thanks so much! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. I really like your layout. The hexagons are so neat with the water colours.
    Your hubby did good with the letter placement ;)
    I have yet to take a scrap page challenge.

  13. GASP! It's so BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the hand painted hexagons! Yes I'm constantly asking my husband what he thinks too- he helps with all my heavy lifting- craft knife cutting, fixing my punches after I drop them for the 12th time- supportive hubsters are the best. Thank you for swinging by my blog- I really like you writing style so I'm gonna stalk for a while- hope you don't mind!


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