Wednesday, February 22, 2012

She Can Sleep Anywhere - Start to Finish

We are now focusing on stamps in The Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide. I am loving this! I love stamps. I buy them all the time. I have a special shelf for them. They make me smile. But, you know what? I never use them. Why? I am not totally sure. For one, I think I forget about them until too late in my project. Also, I am not much of a card maker, I am more of a layout person. And for some reason, the amount of planning it seems to take me to incorporate a stamped image just isn't worth it. But, this week I am changing that! Change is good. So, let's get to it shall we?

I have grabbed my new Miss Caroline collection from My Mind's Eye. So pretty:
I have been eyeing the new file tab punch from Jenni Bowlin and it dawned on me recently that I have a file folder die cut! Surely I can use this in the same manner. So, I cut some strips to lay across and run through my sizzix:
Well, lookey there... file tabs! Yeah!
Now for that stamping. I love these doily stamps. Even searched high and low for them on ebay. Let's give them a whirl:
Oh, lookey there. It appears the one and only time I have ever used this stamp before, I used red. Oh, well... it'll work :)
Working on a nice background and foundation for the layering of the file tabs:
Oh, I am having fun!
Let the layering begin!
I layer, stitch, layer, stitch, layer, stitch:
Now for some embellishments. I would really like to try altering some chipboard as shown in the latest video from Glitter Girl - she made it look so fun! I grab an assortment from my stash:
Out comes some tape:
Well, that's kinda fun. But, not sure where to go from here:
Perhaps I should do some more stamping, then punching:
Kraft doily found, now I am playing with the layering:
Hmmmm, not so much. It is starting to look a bit too vintage for my taste:
Now, at the risk of overloading this post with pictures (I have about 10 more showing my shuffling of bits), I will now admit - I am stuck. Totally stuck. Perhaps a night's sleep and an early morning trip to the craft store will do the trick...

Ok, back to the studio. I have returned with a super cute Jenni Bowlin birdie punch - hooray for coupons! Will this be the inspiration I need to finish the layout?
I don't know yet. But, what I do know is that I want to stamp some dots around to give the page some movement. Think faux confetti. To the pencil eraser I go:
Oh, fun - let's do some more of that!
I like it! But, I still feel a bit stuck.... drat!
Maybe working on the title will propel my creativity forward a bit. I think it needs a place to land, so, back to the sizzix I go to cut some labels:
Pretty, but too small: grrrr...
Ah, there we have it:
Oh my, I reach for my letters and find this. I suppose this is what happens when I'm stuck and too many supplies are pulled, then rejected. Moving on...
I did manage to find the letters in that mess:
I am happy with the title, so lets play with some birds:
Oh, they are just not right...
Forget the birds. They will be fabulous on some other project. Back to the butterfly. I like that. But, I still feel like this is lacking something:
I reach for a chipboard sticker sheet and like the circles. But, I only have one left. It makes it on the page. Then, to create more circles, I cut around the outline from the chipboard sheet. OOOH FUN!
Now to stamp the date with my new Dear Lizzy stamp:
There we go:
And, done. Finally!
Despite my struggles, I am super pleased with how this came out. I had some words with the chipboard elements and as you can see, most of those did not make the final cut. So sorry, Glitter Girl. However, I do believe in forgiveness, so they have been set aside for another project. Do you get stuck mid-layout? How do you forge ahead to the finished project?


  1. Beautiful page! Loved seeing the step by step. And thanks for reminding me that I have a tiny file folder die that I could use.

  2. I love seeing your process, both in thought and on paper, from start to finish. This is a beautiful LO!

  3. Very cute! I always love seeing your process!

  4. Just too cute for words!! And you know I l.o.v.e all the layering :)

  5. This turned out beautifully, and I love to see your creative process.

  6. So cool to see your process!
    Just a gorgeous layout :)
    And I am the same way with my stamps.
    I just need to use them more!

  7. Oh my goodness, I LOVE THIS! I am loving all the layers and step by step techniques! :) You rocked it! :)

  8. This is fabulous!! Love all the details!

  9. I loved reading how you created your layout from start to finish. The layout came out fabulous!

  10. Lovely! And I cannot believe how beautiful your daughter's hair is :D

  11. You should be pleased with how this came out! It's AWESOME! All those layers and papers and stamps are luscious. When I get stuck I tend to put it aside in a basket I have for my stumpers-if I'm not on a deadline. I give it a little time and usually I get an idea from so oddball place that helps me finish. If I have a deadline, I usually take a break and have some sweets- they cure anything! ;)

  12. I get so excited when I see you have a new post because (and this is the last time I'll say it) I love watching the process and your pages always turn out so amazing. The colors in your layout really make the photo stand out. And the pencil eraser idea? Brilliant. I'm going to try that.

  13. Wow! LOVE the way you stamped that doily so many times and LOVE the MME papers and the die cut.

  14. I don't know what I liked more, seeing you put together this layout or getting to look at someone else's mess in the middle of scrapping, that makes me feel I'm not alone! LOL! The layout turned out beautifully! I am not that talented I'm afraid! I loved how the butterfly matched her hair and face! Great job! I am also a new follower, I come here so often that I guess I thought I already was! DUH! Love Penny

    1. Glad you decided to become official - lol!

  15. Love all your techniques on this! Very nice!

  16. I have to admit my thoughts regarding this class were somewhat as you mentioned in the beginning of your post, that the techniques were more for making cards. I am glad to see I was wrong; I enjoy seeing your step-by-step process in making your layouts. And thanks for all your pictures! Never thought about the pencil eraser idea as a stamp :)

  17. Thanks for the process - love this!
    Sometimes if I'm mid-way and get stuck...I step away and come back for a fresh new pair of eyes :)

  18. As always, I like seeing your process. The page turned out great!

  19. Such a sweet layout. Your photo is adorable.

  20. I also have a hard time incorporating stamping. I have to challenge myself to do it! I love what you did with the background and the eraser. Love seeing the process too!

  21. This post is awesome!! I admit I was doubting you in the middle if the process, but you pulled it off! I don't have the courage to play around. I have to plan ahead. Hopefully in a few more monts I'll have enough experience to do an unplanned page.

  22. Such a pretty layout!! I love it :D I'm so jealous that you where already able to get your hands on the Dear Lizzy date stamp!

  23. Beautiful Lo!!! Loved watching you put it together!!!

  24. 28 comments!!! That is amazing!!! I LOVE that page! The polka dots mixed in with the doilies and tabs- just fabulous! I have to agree that I have the same problem- I've been trying to use my stamps more but I have a huge commitment issue- I'm scared I will "mess up" the layout- been exploring that more and more and I gotta say- stamps are much better when used not just collected. :) Thanks for your continued visits to my blog. :)

  25. Fantastic! I love all the layering of the file tab papers and the awesome doily stamp. Everything about this is awesome. Fun, fun layout! :)

  26. Thanks for sharing this lovely LO and the comprehensive tutorial. :)

  27. That doily stamp looks great as a background stamp! Love all your layering and seeing your process. Fantastic page!


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