Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Time... Start to Finish

I am having so much fun playing around with the techniques in May's class. I had fun with mists in my first project for The Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide, but wanted to push the concept a little further. So, I grabbed some tags and set out to mist, spray, stencil and paint. All with the goal of a finished layout.

With my tags in hand, I grab this older than dirt stencil and apply some white acrylic paint:
Easy Peasy!
My master plan is to use this photo, so I choose my inks based on the colors. No, that is not another bowl of chocolate chips. What do you think, I munch on those every time I scrap or something? Tee hee.
Time to start playing:
Painted on:

Splattered on:
Sprayed on:

Shimmered on:
Dropped on:
Spread on:
Drug on:
Oh yes, I am having fun now - look at those fingers! LOVE it!
Time for some stamping with the Pitt Pens:
ooooh, YES!
And some doodling (sorry about the shadow in the pict - it was late at night):

Now for a background paper. I am thinking the magenta of this Amy Tan paper pulls in the stamping nicely and is a great contrast that will make the photo pop:
Yeppers! I like that!
Now to add some little bits...Up and Down...
Side to side? Oh yes, that is better:
And now some chevrons:
Title time!
For once, I landed that title in the right spot in one try! Then, some pen lines and journaling at the bottom. The journaling is about this funny thing my daughter has started saying: "One time, when I was a little girl..." And then, she will tell quite a tall tale. So funny, especially since she is still a very little girl!
I think it's done. But, wait - one look at the photograph of it and that journaling just isn't right. Back to it...
Let's chop it off and grab some cream card stock. Better already.
More mist - oh yeah!
A little distressing with those fingernails:
Now I am done. No, I am not - the subtitle isn't popping enough for me:
Time for take three. I write the subtitle on a little pop of green and YES - NOW, I shall call it done!
I am having fun challenging myself with new and different things! Tags are always a challenge for me as I never quite know what to do with them once I have them made. By creating 3 similar tags and using them as a backdrop to the photo much like a patterned paper, I was able to get them onto that layout. Challenging, yet doable! What do you challenge yourself with? Do your challenges make it to the point of completion? I would love to hear from you!


  1. FABULOUS layout! I love those tags!

  2. love how you show your process!!!!! fantastic

  3. Those are fantastic tags! Love the techniques!

  4. Those tags are awesome! I really love how you show your steps. Great job!

  5. Love the window into your creative process - looks like you have a lot of fun. Great layout, too!

  6. I really love what you did with the tags. Great peek into your process. Lovely work.

  7. I love that you showed start to finish! Thanks for great ideas for making tags.

  8. So cute! I am not as open to experimentation as you are. I will typically do a challenge at a challenge site or blog. Or sometimes I will see a product and challenge myself to use it. I do have a lot of mists and templates. Need to use them more often!

  9. OMGosh! LOVE the creating process that you took us through! The page turned out so WONDERFUL!!! TFS :)

  10. How long have you been scrapping? Your work is crazy advanced and so is your blogging. This is rapidly turning into one of my fave places to sit and stare for a while. :) I LOVE the lines you doodle in the background- it's a great style point. The turquoise and pink color combo is fantastic- I wouldn't put those together but they are bouncing right off each other- will HAVE to try it! Love all the invention and play you do - it's really inspiring!

    1. Oh, you are too kind! I am SO glad you are enjoying my blog - that makes me smile! I have been scrapping for about 9 months, but have been doing artsy craftsy things my whole life :)

  11. This is such a sweet layout. Teehee, your daughter is a sweetheart.

  12. I love to challenge myself. I usually do color combos and actually have a color combo blog hop starting up again in March. If you want to participate just let me know :) Love your process and what fun getting ink all over your hands!

  13. Amazing layout!
    Those tags are so pretty.
    Looks like a great class for experimenting!

    I pushed myself to experiment with mists last year and managed to create several layouts. One was definitely a learning experience and I had to start over from scratch. But it was fun!

  14. this is awesome! love getting messy...great step by step too...so fun!

  15. I love how you explained the misting process on this layout! Since I have never misted anything (I know I shouldn't admit that) it gives me a better idea on how it's done! Thank you so much, and I love the end results! Love Penny Scrap-aholic@blogspot.com

  16. I love the tags! I enjoy challenging myself....lately it's been misting and stamping. Your step by steps are very fun. :)

  17. I love seeing your process from start to finish - and how different application methods led to different colors on your tags. Very cool!

  18. Thank you all for your sweet words!

  19. Saw this is Google Reader on Tuesday but finally got to pop over here. Love how this came out and it was so fun to "see" how you got here :)

  20. Really enjopyed how you did the tags on this one...looks great, as always!

  21. This is fantastic!! And I love your whole blog- I'm adding it to my Google Reader. :)

  22. This is super cool! Thank you so much for sharing the whole process with us! It was wonderful to see how it all came together! TFS!!!


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