Friday, February 24, 2012

My Garden Grows - Start to Finish

Most of you already know that it's stamp week in the Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide class. I have SO enjoyed exploring my stamps, some of which have never seen the likes of an ink pad! I have had the opportunity to share with you all why I love scrapbooking and my love of knitting. Now it's time for me to let you in on another love of mine, gardening! Time to document this on a scrapbook page!

To begin, I grab this floral stamp that has never been used, but that I have owned for too long to admit to. I am thinking it might be fun to make a bit of a background with it:
oooooh,yes - I like it!
Now for some photos from my garden, cropped roughly into squares. These might look nice in a clothesline effect:
Twine and brads at the ready:
Lets string it up:
Perhaps some birdies from my fun new punch:
Oh, this is coming together nice and quick. That is especially fun after my experience with my last layout! I have added some paper bits and stickers all from Crate's Random collection:
More patterned paper punchy fun:
ooooooh, I got this trim on sale and I am thrilled that it may just work on this LO:
And of course, some Washi:
Time for some miniature butterflies:


We interupt our regular scheduled post, to bring you the following message:

Thanks to my friend Penny, I am proud to report that the Purple Mailbox has been given some love!

Some Liebster Love, to be exact!
The Liebster Award is given to insprational blogs with less than 200 followers.  Liebster is a German word meaning dearest or favorite. The tradition is that I would pass on the award to 5 other blogs that have encouraged, inspired, and motivated me.  
These wonderful blogs bring a fresh perspective that I find consistently inspiring!
To accept the award here's what you have to do:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award on your blog.
2. Link back to that blogger from your blog.
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Pass on the award to 5 of your most valued blogs, with less than 200 followers.
5. Leave a comment on those 5 blogs letting them know they were chosen.
Hooray for passing on inspiration!

We now resume our regularly scheduled post:

I just love tucking in bits and pieces! And splattering!
More layering:
And the title! This is seeming too easy...But hey, I should not complain!
And there we have it! That was fun! Isn't it great when things just flow?
My Garden Grows....
Did you know you can click "soapHOUSE grows" over there in the top left to visit my gardening blog? I have been blogging about my adventures in the dirt for over 5 years now. It is so fun to look back - just like we do in our scrapbooks. 

It really is fun to scrap a hobby. It's a nice break from documenting a specific event or moment. I think this one may hang on the wall for a while :)

Are you a gardener? A lover of gardens? Do you scrap your hobbies? Let us know below:


  1. congrats on your award and awesome job on your layout!!

  2. Soooo beautiful! I NEED that stamp now that I see your LO. :) Really gorgeous (and very inspiring to me on a dreary cloudy day).

  3. I love the way you show your process. Beautiful work.

  4. I love your stamped background. Nice work.

  5. That layout turned out beautifully! It's always so nice when a page comes together so nicely. Love the way that stamp looks as a background.

    I am not a gardener, but my sister loves to garden. She moved in with me last year and xeriscaped my front yard. I have a couple of layouts about it: and . . . after a search, apparently I didn't post the second one. I will do that next week. :)

    I do try to scrapbook my interests: reading, etc., but I need a few more layouts about scrapbooking, which is my main interest!

  6. Oh wow! Love how you used that stamp image and here I was worried how to color them but they look beautiful as is! Definitely has impact and balance to the page. Wonderful!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous!! I so look forward to your posts :)
    I must admit that I love gardens and flowers, but have no skill with it.
    I am lucky that my husband can handle that area!

    1. I love that you look forward to my posts - that is so sweet!!!

  8. I'm totally, seriously, head over heels in love with all this fun stuff on your layout! You have me itching to get creative this weekend! Can't wait to see what comes next! :)

  9. What a beautiful LO!! LOVE. I am loving May's class as well. I'm learning so much and getting some work done. Win.Win. =)

    Have a Blessed day ~~ Dawn

  10. I love that stamp and how you used it. I also have several stamps that I haven't used yet but really should. Great layout!

  11. very oh how i love the stamp for the back ground.... but the layout is awesome.. thanks

  12. Oh my goodness, I'm so honored you gave me the Liebster award! XOXO

    Thank you so much! Now off to find 5 blogs to pass this to.

  13. how cool. I love how you showed the progression of the page. And I love that washi tape.

  14. Wow! Your stamping is truly amazing! Thank so much for sharing, I love seeing the layout from start to finish!

  15. I love this layout! You have me inspired to dig out some of my long lost stamps. :-) Off to check out your gardening blog! Thanks for sharing!

  16. This was GREAT! I so wished we lived close to one another, I also share a love of gardening, and have WAY too many stamps sitting on a shelf having never seen the touch of an ink pad! Is you avatar photo from your garden? It's a beautiful moon flower I think. I love them. I think my favorite flower is candytuft, I just love them. I guess I'll have to make a layout of my flowers now also since you've managed to inspire me again! Congrats on the award, you deserved it! Love Penny

    1. Yes! Make a LO of your flowers :) The white flower on my avatar is from my garden. It is a datura. It behaves much like a moon flower, but grows in shrub form with very large trumpet shaped flowers that point toward the sky.

  17. Wow I love your creative process... The layout is gorgeous. thanks so much for sharing and visiting my blog. Hugs

  18. Absolutely gorgeous. Love how you repeated the stamp for the background. I need to try this. You rock the layers! I LOVE that washi tape and have seen before. Where did you get it?

  19. Your layout is beautiful! I love how you stamped the base and all the layers just make it pop!

  20. So nice! And congratulations on the award :) Have a wonderful weekend

  21. You are so sweet to award my blog! Thank you so much. I'm so glad you are inspired when you stop by!! I love this layout. The stamping for the foundation is pure genius and sooo inspiring!

  22. Thank you for the award of my blog! You are so wonderful! I was just coming over to comment on your over-the-top layout, and saw my blog mentioned. It means a lot to me, coming from such talent! :)

    I LOVE how you created the stamped background on your layout. It looks so cool, I am pinning it now! TFS!

  23. :) Thanks for the mention and the award! I really love this page- the stamping is AMAZING!

  24. This is beautiful... again! Love the stamped base- that would be so fun to color :)

  25. Teehee, chuckling at you interrupting your own post, that's cute :)
    Another pretty layout.

  26. love your layout...there is so much going many details to discover and everything is so beautiful...
    had to giggle about your 'breaking news'...what a cute way to give this shout out:-)
    have a great Sunday!

  27. OMGoodness this is beautiful!!!! I love how you stamped, but just used it as a background for all your wonderful layering. So many fun details to find as you look again and again! Oh, and I must find that sweet bird punch. I love it all!
    Thanks too for the fun award, that is so very kind of you, and such a cute way to work it into your post.
    You are my daily inspiration!!

  28. This is insane!! I love it, thanks for the step by step post. I really like the clothesline effect, but struggle with it. It really seems to come together with the title and everything.

  29. I love how you show pictures of every step of your project! It's such a great idea!! AND I LOVE THIS LO, AWESOME!


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