Saturday, February 18, 2012

LOVE to Knit...Start to Finish

I love to knit. I do. I have called myself a knitter much longer than a scrapbooker. I love the tactile nature, the feel of the yarn between my fingers. I love watching a project come together and the look of a well knitted and understood pattern. I love how portable it is and how generally mess-free it is. 

May Flaum issued a challenge to us this week for The Curious Scrapper's Field Guide to combine misting with the topic of love and/or Valentine products. So, it's time to put these two hobbies of mine together. Enough yappin', let's do some scrappin'!

Alrighty, I have printed off a photo of one of my hand-knit creations and have selected a background from Basic Grey's Basics pack:
 I know for sure that I want to splatter some black ink, so let's get that taken care of:
Ah yes, that should do it!
With that done, I pull a hodge podge of Valentiney scraps and make quite a mess in the process!
I also think it would be fun to incorporate some twine in an unusual way, to pull in the idea of yarn and knitting:
Time for more misting! Can you see those little white hearts? Those will serve as a mask for Mister Huey's Clay:
Let's hope this color ties in the kraft paper that is prevalent in some of my chosen scraps:
 Oh, yes...I think it just might! Let's lift those hearts up and see what we have:
I like it! I think I would also like to make the heart shapes more dimensional. To the pop dots we go! 
 I am liking that!
 Time to play with that twine. I cut about 20 or so pieces to line up:
 Oh, I like it better on the red side of that Pebble's Valentine paper:
Ooops, while messing with that, I got distracted. By the hearts. They need to be offset a bit. Yes, better.
 After running some adhesive in a wide strip, I begin to lay the twine across:
Looks a bit like a rug, doesn't it? Time to trim. Yes, those are toddler scissors. Only the best for my scrap room, I tell ya!
All trimmed up, time to mount the photo. After sticking some more of that Basic Grey Basics behind the photo, I mount it with pop dots. Well, this looks kinda fun...
I feel the need for some washi! I want to add some aqua to the LO and tie in the reds and blacks:
Washi down and now I want to pull the aqua into the hearts. My trusty Pitt Pen should do the trick:
 Ah yes, that's workin' for me!
I reach for my white foam Thickers and some Loopy Lous (I know those have been around a while, but oh how I love them!)
 Title done and stitched, time for a bit of emelishment:
I don't want to do too much here, as there is a lot going on with the twine and the hearts. So, after adding a Studio Calico sticker, I grab some of Amy Tan's fabric heart paper and cut a couple of banners:
 Oh, yes - that will work!
 Time to tie this in to the bottom left corner of the LO for some balance:
I pleat the heart fabric for some added texture and then add a little patterned paper scrap that has some of the aqua color. Time for more stitching...
That's all set and now I want to splatter the aqua color around a bit. This glimmer mist should work nicely:
 And, it does!
Ok, journaling added. I tell the story of how my mother taught me to knit some 11 years ago. I was a slow learner and very easily frustrated. Luckily as I aged, my patience grew and while being pregnant with my third child, I picked those needles up again and have been knitting every since!
 Pen lines made and it is finished :)
I must say, this turned out NOTHING like I envisioned. As I was working on all the bits and pieces I was really happy with each little element. But, once I stepped back, I wasn't so sure about the layout as a whole. I think I like it. I know I don't hate it. And, you know what? That'll work for me. New techniques tried, pretty paper used, and another story told! Note to Self: step back from the layout while it is in progress. More than once.

Now, for some more info on my actual knitting! Did you know that you can click the "soapHOUSE knits" image on the left to hop on over to my knitting gallery and see my adventures with yarn? This project below is just one of the items in my knitting gallery.
I usually have some sort of little knitting project in the works. It's a great thing to work on while watching TV or to grab for a long car ride. I have just started a new project, the Clasica Coat. This is the most ambitious project for me yet and it may just take me several years to finish - but it will be fun! I have recently started meeting a new knitting friend of mine at a local coffee shop once a month for a night of knitting. We chat. We knit. We laugh. We do have fun. Think crop for knitters. Instead of scissors and glue, we come armed with needles and yarn.
My knitting friend is quite talented and very prolific. She definitely puts my progress to shame! As you can see below...I have a ways to go. She does inspire me and always bails me out of my mistakes and translates the pattern for me. In fact, you may just hear from her soon at the Purple Mailbox. And, she may come bearing gifts :)

I do love working with my hands. Be it gardening, knitting or scrapbooking. They are each so rewarding in their own way. I love how different seasons of life lends itself to different creative endeavors. When I just had 1 kiddo, it was so easy to get out in the garden and work, work, work! When pregnant with my third, it was so easy to get my knitting and sit, sit, sit! Now that I have 3 kiddos, it is super easy to shuffle around bits of paper and scrap, scrap, scrap!

Hmmmm, wonder how I can combine all three? Perhaps Scrapbook a page about knitting while sitting in the garden? LOL!

What about you? Are you a knitter? Do you have any other creative outlets other that scrapbooking? I would love to hear from you!


  1. I love the pop of that aqua color. Great layout.

  2. The aqua is perfect! I've never splattered ink before on a LO and you have given me some courage to give it a try. :)

  3. Fabulous layout! I love your knitting - beautiful!

  4. That was a fantastic tutorial, so clear and precise. Your LO is fabulous just love the colors and everything you used. Your washi tapes are so beautiful.

  5. I love this layout. It is fun to scrapbook about things you love, other than you family and friends :-) I love the all the hearts in the layout. It is awesome :-)

  6. OMGosh, what a great theme and love how you put this page together!! So jealous you can knit, I tried so many times...we are still not friends...sigh. TFSing your process!

  7. I LOVE how you did this, and I especially loved how you showed step by step directions on how it came about! I liked how you lined up the twine, I would have never thought of that! I am not a knitter, but I used to sew and quilt. Love Penny

  8. The final page looks AMAZING!!! Totally floored by your talent! It's cohesive snd innovative- the pen lines are a motif I haven't seen anyone else do- it really works. I love the black and white twine detail! I often use it that way but I haven't tried using so many threads in one go- how did you get it to stick? Really wonderful! Pinning this! Also- you should join the Paper Issues link party- the theme right now is washi tape and I think they would FLIP when they saw this beautiful page!:)

    1. You are too kind :) I just ran my Dry Adhesive tape runner over the paper in a block of lines. I am sure there is a better way to do it - lol, but it seemed to work ok. I will have to check out that link party - thanks for the tip!

  9. What a bunch of really neat techniques! I love to crochet!

  10. Your blog is fast becoming my favorite one among the sea of scrapping blogs I follow.

    This layout is amazing! You' re so creative and your intuition is great. I love your attitude about this too. It may nipot be your favorite layout, but you tried née techniques and you had fun. For sure you'll be able to apply what you learned in future lay

  11. Gorgeous - I love the tutorial and how the page builds, and the way the twine works with the knitting theme. Just beautiful.

  12. You are so artistic in your pages. I love that.

  13. WOW! This is absolutely amazing! The twine, misting , added hearts, washi, just amazing with all of the layers. Awesome that you knit. Would love to do it one day.

  14. Another great layout.
    I learned how to knit as a young girl. There is just something about the warmth of wool, it is just calming.
    As for other crafts....I call myself Jill of all trades, expert in none. As I love to learn and do all typed of crafts. But there are so many great creative outlets out there, that I can't commit to just one :)

  15. I am also a knitter, so I loved seeing your knitting projects! I regularly scrap about my knitting, as I'm just learning to make sweater and socks. I like to document my successes and even the not-so-successful projects! Are you on Ravelry?

    1. I am on ravelry :) soaphouse is my name over there. If you click on the soapHOUSE knits button on the left, it should take you there :)

  16. I love reading through your page process - what a fun post and great page!! The colors of that knitting project are beautiful. Sure wish I could knit :)

  17. This is amazing! I am so glad you found Paper Issues!!! Thank you so much for linking this up! I featured you today:

  18. What a great layout and love your process - thanks for sharing with Paper Issues!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous layout. fabulous use of twine too!!
    Thanks for joining us at Paper Issues. :)

  20. This is so much fun and so pretty! Love all of the layering and the techniques. You really know how to rock the twine and the tapes! Thank you so much for linking your inspiring page up with us at Paper Issues! I'm going back to drool a bit more.


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