Monday, February 6, 2012

Love That Smile - Fastest Layout Ever

This has to be the fastest layout I have made to date. I have been under the weather for the past few days and hadn't made it into my studio. When I started to feel a bit better, I really wanted to do something quick and crafty. I headed into the studio and found this mess on my table:

Well, I decided that it all went together. I suppose this is a good thing about leaving a mess! Why do I think they go together? Let's see...

  • The pink of the background sets a nice contrasting tone against the other colors and I like the added interest of the strong vertical columns 
  • The different blues play off of each other nicely and tie in the blue from the photo
  • I love the bold floral in contrast with the geometric print and the polka dots
  • The yellow is a nice shot of happiness to go with the feel of the photo
  • The grey and white of the horizontal strips ground things nicely while still adding another layer or two of pattern
  • The birdies have a touch of all the other colors in them and well, I think they are just fun
  • And the randomness of the cupcake and bike wheel (from Crate's Random collection incidentally) are just a fun little surprise on the page

I more than likely would not have put all of these papers together otherwise. Such a nice happy accident! So, a few minutes of cutting paper into boxes and layering, I came up with this:
And, it just so happens to go with the Two Peas Color Combo Challenge. Quick Scrapping and a challenge met! Go me.

Do you have a LO that was a result of a happy accident? Share a link below...


  1. Came over from 2Peas- very cute LO. Quite the fortunate accident :)

  2. I wish all my layouts came together that quickly. I turned out great!

  3. Don't u love accidents? Came out lovely!

  4. Oh, so cool! I love how you put all of your supplies together to make a great layout. I especially like the pink and teal.

  5. Great layout. Such a cute photo :)
    I have thrown something down and then went "hey that looks great together", so yup, lol.

  6. Darling. Gotta love a happy accident!


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