Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello Friend, Enjoy - start to finish

In the spirit of May Flaum and the awesome class I am taking, I decided to make a tag. A tag that would actually get used as a tag and sent off to a fellow scrapper.

Some time ago, in a pitiful attempt to incorporate some tags on a layout, I misted around some Mister Huey's White and never did do a thing with them. So, I grab one of those puppies and get started:
Time to stencil on white acrylic paint. I love how the acrylic acts as a bit of a resist for the inking; that is yet to come.
Pretty pattern:
I spray some aqua glimmer mist onto my craft mat:
And start dragging around. This part is always so fun:
As you can see, some Mister Huey's Clover made it into the mix:
While that dries, it's time to think about some little bits to tie on. I love the softness of the new Neapolitan collection from Dear Lizzy and I think it will pull in the blues and greens I'm working with nicely:
Now, since this is a tag for a package, I sippose it should contain some sort of greeting. It's time to break in my new Amy Tan stamp set. Let's put my wonderful Pitt Pens to work:
Oh, yes! I like that. After the image is stamped, I write over the lettering with a black Pitt Pen. You know the best thing about Pitt Pens? They are waterproof! That means I can mist over this with no problem! And, I think I will in a minute...
Back to the tag itself. It has dried and it's time for some contrast. More stamping with the Pitts and an Amy Tan:
I like that contrast, but now it's time to pull in the sherbert color. Yet again with the Pitt Pen. Have I mentioned yet how much I love those?
Pressing the tag onto the stamp:
Oh, yeah! I love that! It's so fun when things workout the way I hope :)
I grab a little scrap of Neapolitan paper and take a step back. Yes, I still like the direction  this is going:
Now, you will have to exscuse me here... I got really into this and was so excited that these letters were working so well, I forgot to take photos of this part of the process. But, you get the idea. Letters applied, then stitched. Moving on...

I want them to have more definition, so I grab my Copic Multiliner. I love the control it has. Perfect for outlining letters:
Ta da! Letters are outlined, a Sassafras Foldie is added, and the whole thing is splatered a bit with some glimmer. Now, time for some Doodle Twine:
All tied up, now I need to sign this bad boy! I reach yet again for my Pitt Pens:
A little heart doodle, sign my name and now it's time to spruce up the package a bit:
And there you have it!
Hello Friend...
I hope you enjoy!
It was really fun to make a tag that actually ended up being used as a tag! And to give away some scrappiness is always fun :) Are you dying to know what is in the package? Well, the Dear Lizzy sticker book from my giveaway, of course! Hope you are having fun with those stickers WillieburgScrapper!

Do you make tags? If so, how do you use them? On layouts? Mini Books? As actual tags? Let us know below:


  1. Love it! And thanks for the step by step. It was great to see the tag evolve after each step of the way.

  2. That's beautiful! You've inspired me to make a tag. :)

  3. What an awesome tag! Love all the layers and techniques on there!

  4. It came out beautiful!!!! The layers are perfect!!! She is going to love it~

  5. So fun!
    It turned out great.
    I've never made a tag before. I think you've inspired me to give it a try!

  6. Way cute tag... So much fun with all the misting, painting and stamping... Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks SO much for taking the time to post this "start to finish"! Too often I see beautiful things but I don't know how to recreate them! Thank you! This turned out fabulous! Love Penny

  8. this is fab! thanks for always showing us your process! this is so inspirational and helpful! THANKS :)
    Sylvia xx

  9. Your tutorials are insanely cool! I am totally obsessed with your fun design style! I just saw the washi tape layout you linked up over at Paper Issues...LOVE IT! Fabulous layering of all the washi tape...and the rolled perfection! TFS! :)

  10. Gorgeous! I can't believe you have the time to make all of these lovely things & make them tutorials, too. You are awesome!

    I love to use tags on cards, but sometimes I use them on scrapbook pages, too. Just depends on my mood. I've never made a book from them, but that is a cool idea.

  11. Wow! I'd love to get a package from you.

  12. Neat, I so like that stencil and I need that spray!

  13. I love that tag! So pretty. It's cool to see it come together as you add more to it.

    I don't actually use tags too much. I just gave a bunch of them to my sister.

  14. I love making tags! Yours are sooo pretty!

  15. I'm currently making a few tags for a project. I should have just hired you to make them for m. Holy Smokes, this tag is so gorgeous and fun!! The paint, the mist, the stamps .... oh my! And thanks for the step-by-step, I love seeing how things come together.

  16. This is so absolutely fabulous! I love it and I am sure that the tag is still being used! I love all the great techniques! :)

  17. Wow! This is gorgeous! And thanks for the tutorial. I love it!

  18. Check out my blog today, I have a surprise for you! You repllied to my thread before I was finished with it, I was in the middle of posting editing when you replied, so check it out again. Love Penny

  19. Wonderful tag! Thanks for the tutorial!

  20. how very very awesome!! thanks for the tutorial!!

  21. I would not want to open the package! How beautiful is this! Love seeing the details of how you put it together. You make me want to try those markers!

  22. How CUTE is that! You make me want to get inky now. So fun to make something and use it for what it was actually created to do!

  23. Oh, VERY cool! This makes me want to forgo sleep and pull out my mists! :)

  24. Very cool. It is always so fun to see not only your start and finish but how you got there. Looks like you are having a blast with your class :D


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