Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dear Lizzy WINNER / Sweet & Beautiful Start to Finish

Thank you all for your wonderful entry comments into the Dear Lizzy Neapolitan giveaway! I so enjoyed hearing about your projects in progress. Who is the lucky winner of the sticker book? WillieburgScrapper! 

Congratulations! WillieburgScrapper, please email me at with your address and I will get your prize in the mail. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

As I mentioned in my last post, I just began a 12-week long class with May Flaum. I am super excited to share with you the projects I make while learning with May. This is the first class I have ever taken with her and she is off to an awesome start. This week is all about misting and I figured it was the perfect time to break in my Neapolitan collection! 

Let's take a look:
My initial plan is to mist an ampersand onto the background using a Studio Calico mask. I want the ampersand to sort of make sense, so I choose a photo that can have a less specific title. Perhaps just two related words. I like the way the grey dots on this paper plays with the black and white photo, so onward we go:
 Continuing on with the grey, I have Mister Huey Clay in hand and ready to mist...
Inside a box on the floor. No, that is not a box from a recent order at Two Peas and no, I do not have an endless supply of those hanging around :) 
Oh, now - that was fun!

I also grab a tag that I misted some time ago with Mister Huey White and have never known what to do with - perhaps it will make it onto the page? I really never know what to do with tags, other than using them as tags, of course.
Now, excuse me while I spend some good quality time admiring all of my Dear Lizzy goodies and select a few patterns that I think will work nicely:
Oh, yes - I found quite a few! This one is calling my name too. Look at all of that cuteness!
 Now, lets get some contrasting color behind that photo to set it off a bit:
I try to be careful with my photo placement. I don't want to cover the ampersand, but I also don't want it to look like it is floating...
OK, time to layer up some papers. I love the look of a stack of papers behind an image, but I always feel like I am covering up and wasting so much of the prettiness, so I have gotten to where I cut smaller pieces and "tuck" them around. I am liking this:
Now for that tag. Did I mention I have trouble with tags? I decide to cut it in two and tuck one bit on top and then find a place for the other bit:
But first, I want to stitch those papers down a bit. Hmmmm, there is still silver thread in the machine from hubster's kite sewing session ( I promise, more on that later). But, I am on a roll and can't be bothered to change the thread, so silver it is!

 Hey, not so bad! I kinda like all the threads hanging there too:
 Back to the little bit of tag. Where to place it? On the right?
 Or on the bottom?
I am liking the the right side. It feels more balanced and frames out the ampersand nicely. After a bit more layering, I stitch it all down:
Time to add some texture and dimension. I knew there was a reason I hadn't cut that ridiculously long fingernail yet:
Edges distressed, lets move on to the title. I have these great letters from Amy Tan in grey, but I am missing some letters that I need, so I grab my white foam Thickers and am liking that combo. But, I am not so much on that placement and the way it runs into both groupings. 
Oh, yes...better: 
 Now for the other word. You may also notice that I found an "L". Hooray!
 OK, liking it over the tag like that. I also changed out the "b" to balance the letter combo:
Now for something more challenging. Stamps. I love them, buy them, and then never use them. Why? I am not sure. One of May's challenges this week is to use something you normally don't. For me, its stamps!
After a quick flip of my collection, I decide on this graphic border shape from House of Three. I don't even have a block long enough for it. See, evidence that I never stamp.
 I just picked up this white ink on sale, so let's give that a try:

 Hmmmm, it appears to have stamped clear:
I check the package carefully to see if this is a watermark pad. Nopers. It clearly says white. Let's try loading it up again:
 Argh! OK, fine. I guess I know why it was on sale. Moving on...
 OK, yes. Now it looks grey. On purpose:
 I stamp that around a bit and I do like the subtle effect. Better than white after all!
Now, since we all know that Thickers stay in place about as well as my 3 year old, let's stitch those puppies down!
Stitching complete, it's time to embellish. Which one of these cute little Polaroids to pick?
 I am not sure. While I ponder that, I grab some additional choices:
 Oh, well that isn't right at all! Setting that aside...
 Time to commit with some glue dots:
 I love that little camera! And, the green in this Basic Grey border sheet works nicely:
 That gets spread around the page:
 As does some Amy Tan washi tape:
I just love that tape. It seems to go with everything and I used my last bit on this LO. Remember the cute jar? I cut it out and tucked it behind that gorgeous flower sticker:
With my trusty Zig Pen in hand (oh, I love this pen), I add some hash marks and such...
A few more stickers here and there and, ta da! My first page with the amazing Dear Lizzy Neapolitan and my first LO for May's class!
Have you broken in any new supplies lately? Are you taking any classes? I would love to hear about it! Please share a comment below:


  1. Beautiful layout. I love how you walk us through the process with photos.

  2. Great page and I love your detailed photos and conversational instructions! Yes, Thickers, wonderful as they are, just don't stick without a little help. I hadn't thought of sewing them, though. Terrific idea!

  3. This is absolutely STUNNING! I'll be back to study all the beautiful techniques you used.

  4. Simply beautiful! Loved seeing how you layout came together from start to finish! Thank you for stitching on the foam alphas...I NEVER buy foam b/c I can't stand them...but you have inspired me to grab some on my next shopping trip out...and to stitch them! Thanks!
    Great Days,

  5. Stunning - I love to watch your design process! So fun and full of great ideas! Love it all!

  6. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your creative process, it was fun to see how you "built" this layout.

  7. This is amazing! I love that you show your process. I find your layouts to be such little pieces of art work!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your process! Your layout is beautiful, but if I saw it alone, I'd think that's not my style. But now I can see how I can adapt pieces of your process to make something that is truly mine. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Forgot to add, you also inspired me to sign up for May's class.

    2. Lydia, that's great!!! See you in class :)

  9. Awww what a sweet layout. Adorable photo.
    I really enjoy seeing your process. It takes me hours to do a layout, no joke.

  10. I am not taking any classes. I have considered a few, but I always end up buying more stuff instead.

    I have to say, I really admire how you are so willing to experiment with your layouts. There have been times when I have tried different things and then hated the way they looked. So now I'm more cautious about experimentation. I like to think that I could try again . . . but I'm not sure I will. LOL.

    Beautiful work!

  11. ACK! YAY! I will email you ASAP. I LAUGHED out loud when I saw the "ARGH!" moment. I had the exact same reaction with my Ranger Adirondack "snowcap" pad- haven't been able to figure out how to use it either. I've been using Ingvild Bolme chalk ink pads- they are super juicy- maybe you can try the light tan one? It stamps almost white on black paper. This is a GREAT page! Really beautiful complexity and design. I love that ampersand as well- you mixed some fantastic patterns here! Also- that is a gorgeous portrait- the tonal values are exquisite.

  12. I love the stitching on this! And amazing step-by-step photos!

  13. Love seeing your progress. Beautiful work. Great attention to detail.

  14. Thank you ALL for your wonderful comments! They make me smile :)

  15. Love the use of floral with the other patterns. The color palette is great!

    Elizabeth / Knits&Prints

  16. Such a great layout, I think I need some of that paper line!


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