Friday, January 27, 2012

Why I Love Scrapbooking

What's So great about Making Stuff?

I have always loved to make artsy things, I even took the plunge and went to art school once upon a time, before there was even such a thing as blogging! I made art for money and I made art for fun. I made art someone else wanted and I made art like I wanted. As I grew my family, my artistic endeavors turned to knitting and gardening. Things I could do with my kids, as a family, together. With the most recent expansion of my family, I picked up scrapbooking - as my nesting instincts turned to filing and paper organization combined with a love of air conditioning. Being 8 months pregnant in July will do that to you!

I was once proud to say I wasn't a scrapbooker. Silly, I know. Ridiculous even! I thought scrapbooking was nothing more than goofy stickers on oddly bright paper. You can read more about that on this LO:

Feel free to click on the picture to see more.

OK, now that I have gotten past all of that silliness, I can proudly say I have jumped with both feet straight into a pile of pretty paper and I am not looking back!

I mean really - what is not to love about a row of colorful albums and stacks of pretty paper?

In all seriousness, creating - whatever your chosen medium - certainly is a priceless endeavor. Good for the mind and the soul. 

So, without further ado, here are all the reasons I have fallen in love with paper crafting specifically:
  • I can do it with my (little) kids. I really can. They love it. They have access to all of my cutoffs in their own special scrap basket and they make their own "layouts" and crafts.
  • It is about my family, for my family. Family is my priority.
  • It is affordable (for the most part!) Really, there are not many hobbies that allow you to spend $5 or less and make something for your family to treasure.
  • I can do it inside, while kiddos are sleeping and it is dark outside (a time when I can't indulge one of my other loves - gardening)
  • I can do it while multi-tasking. I often have the baby in the backpack while I am shuffling bits of pretty paper around on a page. Or, I can futz with a LO while my older kiddo is working on a school assignment, or while waiting for a load of laundry to dry. I am blessed to have a space right off the main living area that I can keep messy - and stroll into at any moment, just for a moment. (More on that later another time!)
  • It is quick. I do love to knit, but man-alive it takes patience and time. I love the instant gratification that scrapbooking allows me.
  • And finally, its just fun! Fun to make a mess, fun to organize the stuff, fun to play with photos, fun to remember the moments.
Can you relate? Are your reasons the same? Or different? I would love to hear from you!


  1. Wonderful post - all your reasons to love scrapbooking are great!

  2. Great to hear from you two! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Fantastic post! I definitely agree with you. I loved scrapping with my son when he was little. It's a process that really helps relax me.

  4. Totally agree! Especially with reason #4. Love scrapping at night or on a rainy day when I can't go out!

  5. I started to scrapbook as I loved the look of the pages and how they tell their own story. As time went by, I fell in love with the art of creating.

    After a serious car accident, scrapbooking has become my way to relax and capture my memories before I "forget them" as I have some lingering problems with my memory.

  6. Scrappymo!, what an inspirational story and reason for scrapbooking. Thank you for sharing that!

  7. Hi, thank you for inviting us to your blog from twitter. Love your work. Just in case you have green crafts, please checkout our little green marketplace. It's free to join and list your green products.

  8. I love scrapbooking. I love all the stuff there is to buy and all the creative ways you can do with it. I started scrapbooking after my Mom passed away over 10 years ago and never have looked back. I just love and I know she loves me doing something creative.

  9. Great post, I so agree with your points. Thanks for stopping by my blog, leaving a comment and becoming a follower! I am happy to return the compliment!

  10. Joy, I love the sentiments about your mom. Thanks for roping me into this great hobby!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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