Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Time....

Hello, hello! It's Monday and that means we have a new challenge waiting for you at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog.

For some people this time of year means pools, beach time, and warm weather. Some love to travel and enjoy vacations. Other people just soak in the sunshine. How does summer translate into your creative life? What do you make to celebrate it? Are you inspired by the colors? The themes? This theme is wide open – we can’t wait to see what you come up with for this summer challenge!

We have been having a summer full of lovely rainstorms here in my neck of the woods...

So, I was inspired to craft up a little mixed media birdie, complete with his own umbrella for all of those summer rainstorms!
Lots of paint, colored pencils, and mixed media fun...
Oh, and plenty of doodles...

And there we have it!

Here's to all those summer rainstorms!

And now it's your turn to get crafty!
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Join Me at the Bistro!

I am hosting my first reveal night party at Cocoa Daisy on Sunday, the 28th, at 8 pm EST. I really hope you will join me there! We will have such fun chatting!

And.... taking a look at July's kits, of course!

Here is a little sneaky peaky...
These kits are so much fun! I really hope to see you at reveal...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Let's Go Outside... With CATfile!


The June cut files and printables from CATfile are so fun, as always!

I had such a great time playing with the doodled circle designs...
Here is my Family Portraits Spread:

And for this layout, I went BIG... 
A large photo...
 ...embellished with enlarged doodle circles that I cut out:
 Oh, so happy!
Be sure to head over to CATfile to check out all the fun things!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Stamps and Mist!

Hello, hello! It's Monday and that means we have a new challenge waiting for you at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog.

Stamps and mists (color washes, etc) are two products that we can always use more often! Color sprays and stamps are also a great combination. You could emboss or stamp an image and spray over it. Use mist to ‘ink’ a stamp. Apply mist color with a paintbrush to a stamped image... so many possibilities! This week, we want to see a project that features at least one stamp, and one mist or color wash/spray.

I was inspired to play with the lovely layering abilities of the Dylusions products for my project this week!
To start with, I have selected these lovely paints...
Then, using my round ink blending tool, I simply made some dots...

And then stenciled over them, once they were dry. Look at how they layer! Love it!

Then, I simply stamped these lovely hearts, using some Dylusions Mist in White...

Then, a little pink Dylusions paint was layered on top using the blending tool again. Just look at how that yellow stenciling is still peeking through! Fabulous!

So, I just repeated all of the above steps over and over again until I had this...

Then, my favorite little sections got cut into some squares to embellish my layout...

Likey so!
I used some of the other parts of that inky fun play to layer behind my photo as well...

I just love how a little stitching and layering really turns these inky scraps into some lovely embellishments!
And now it's your turn to go get misty and stampy! Then...
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Little Helpers...

Hello and happy Friday!!!

If you saw my last post, you might have noticed a fun little technique I have been playing with using cut up Project Life Cards...

Well, I recently shared a page on the A Flair For Buttons Blog using the same idea...
So fun!
I just love the way the circular FLAIR contrasts the linear pieces of PL cards!

Be sure to head on over to A Flair For Buttons and check out all the awesome FLAIR pieces!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Last week, I posted a couple of questions on Instagram...

Of course, if you are here... I know the answer to this question. AND... I thank you very, very much for being one of my lovely and loyal readers! It truly means the world to me!

As you might imagine, and as I suspected, most of my Instagram followers commented that they really are relying more and more on Instagram for their online interaction and inspiration. I can't say that I blame them. While I do still read blogs, I find myself keeping up with my favorite crafty people via the Instagram platform. 

It seems that people are making less and less time to sit down at a computer and surf blogs. Most of our reading is done on a mobile device these days and if you are reading blogs on your mobile, it is somewhat difficult to comment. Instagram provides a quick and easy peak, as well as a quick and easy commenting platform.

So... a few hours after posting the above question, I posted this next question...

While this question prompted some more diverse answers, the general consensus was still the same... short videos. The emphasis being on short. 

And, I can totally relate to this as well! It takes a fair amount of time to put together a lengthy video, much less watch one.

Ah - but there is a time and a place for all of it, yes? There are times when I am looking for the longest video I can find so that I have something to play while I happily scrap away. There are other times when I really do want a quick fix, just a few minutes long, to glean some inspiration and move on.

So, what is my point?

Well... technology is ever changing and I think it's important to adapt and change accordingly! 

And that brings me to my new type of process "videos..."


#FlipScrapGo is essentially a photo slideshow of a process that I will be posting periodically on Instagram. 

In fact, this is what I said in my very first post of a #FlipScrapGo, that corresponds to the above video:

"I asked, you answered! And now... The first of hopefully many #FlipScrapGo insta processes. Sometimes I will share a full start to finish, sometimes just a part of the process... But they will all be tagged #FlipScrapGo - Sometimes we don't have time to watch a whole video, read a whole blog, etc... But lots of us are finding ourselves getting inspiration right here on Instagram! Don't worry... I'll still be blogging and youTubing too... This is just another way of sharing and adapting to the ever changing Internet. Yay fun!
In this #FlipScrapGo watch me finish off a mini created with @cocoa_daisy #ditl cards... And watch as I scrap it on a 12x12! Thanks for watching!"

And here are more details of the above project:

Ah - but, not to worry... as I said in the above Instagram blurb, I will still be YouTubing (in fact, the #FlipScrapGo videos will be uploaded there as well) and blogging. This is just another way of sharing and I am super excited about it!

Take a look at some of the other projects I have shared this way...


Time for another #FlipScrapGo - take a look as I make a Father's Day card using leftover project life cards. Thanks for watching!

Using my first attempt at a handmade stencil to play with #dylusions paints in my #discbound #artjournal for this #FlipScrapGo - I just love the way these paints layer! That yellow is softly showing through the thicker layer of white, almost like an ink would. Such fun and unexpected results! Now... Off to try this on a layout. Thanks for watching!

In this #FlipScrapGo watch as I put a dent in some of my alphas using a mosaic inspired technique - thanks for watching!

I am also finding the Instagram platform exponentially easier to interact with all of you on! It is so easy to comment to someone directly and I really love that instant interaction!

The other interesting thing to note is that, up until now, my content has always originated elsewhere and I have pointed you back to it via Instagram (I think this is the most common ways Instagram has been used by others as well). But, times are changing! These post will actually originate on Instagram and I will then point you to them via this blog. Ah - the ever changing ways of technology in this brave new world, yes? 

So, if you don't yet follow me on Instagram, be sure you do so that you can see more of these as I post them.

And, if you aren't an Instagram user, as I previously mentioned, I will be posting all of my #FlipScrapGo videos to this blog too!

See you soon!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Polka Dot Paste

Hello, hello! It's Monday and that means we have a new challenge waiting for you at the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog.

From texture paste to paste-like paints, molding paste to gesso so heavy it reminds me of paste – this week is all things paste. It’s a staple of great mixed media projects, can add texture, or be a great medium for using with liquid colors and stencils. 

What will you do with paste this week?

I am always inspired by the tone on tone effect of modeling paste on white cardstock...
So, this week, I grabbed one of my favorite polka dot stencils, my paste, and a little watercolor to create a cloud inspired accent for my layout!

And now it's your turn...
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